An invention in 1839 by Louis Daguerre who made the first permanent camera photograph, photography like many other technologies is one of the most important and irreplaceable inventions which exists on earth. Rite from a baby’s laughter, to the first steps and the first fall everything can be captured and laughed and cherished in later times. 

Photography brings back life, laughter, tears of both joy and sorrow when you look back at the pictures which you wish to relive again but you can’t, so you rejoice looking at them and remember the old and gold times and end up making more memories more pictures and more life.

A very important part of any man or woman’s life is his/her marriage. Right from the selection of the selection of the ring, the proposal, the families of the girl the boy meeting to the wedding venue selection, engagement, parties, cocktails, wedding, reception, honeymoon, beautiful /spectacular places everything if wasn’t captured then how would one reminisce those memories.

Apart from capturing memories and bringing a smile on everyone’s face, photography is a mode of learning for the millions who don’t get to see everything with their own eyes but they learn by watching videos, looking at pictures and what not. Photography had aided us with not only happiness but awareness and knowledge too hence photography is indeed important and will always be.

So go click away!